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Timeless luxury carpets, authentic beauty

True beauty is an eternal treasure, immune to the inevitable passage of time. It is a creative force that, through the infinite power of imagination, constantly renews itself, exploring countless paths and becoming ever more extraordinary. 

Inedita is the collection of contemporary rugs that goes beyond the ordinary, a compilation of textile works that captivate the eyes and touch the heart. This incredible fusion of creativity, design, and craftsmanship is dedicated to those who appreciate the timeless value of Time, to be experienced in 4 stylistic lines: Armonia, Eclettica, Eterea, Concreta.


Echoes of classic and contemporary come together like a perfect symphony. Skilfully made with artisanal craftsmanship, they are harmony for the eyes, the home and the soul.


Noble design with eclectic spirit. Child of Art and History, inspired by the architectures that have illuminated the centuries. It lives to amaze with grace and elegance.


The celestial forms of space inspire and add an aura of intense sophistication. A sublime combination of grace and boldness that will amaze you, step after step.


The essential spirit of simple beauty and minimalist perfection. Pure and concrete in its forms, with subtle elegance that permeates every detail.


Authentic beauty never fades. Use your imagination. Look for ever newer ways of being. Be unique, with Inedita. The rug collection that captivates and amazes. Inedita is a treasure for those who love time.
Rugs construction

Rugs construction


The weaving is entirely done by hand, making each rug a unique piece. Two hand-knotting techniques, known as Nepalese and Oriental, indicate different levels of craftsmanship.


Hand-tufted rugs are produced by punching individual yarns through a fabric sheet using a device called a "tufting gun." Once the rug is completed, a second fabric is glued to the back to secure the yarns in place.

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