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A collection of vintage rugs, accessible to all, born from Platinum Custom Rugs' creativity and know-how. Ideal for those looking for a designer rug that is unique yet not too demanding, and for those who want to frequently change the face of their spaces, keeping up with the latest trends in interior design. The Atelier vintage rugs are made of chenille and cotton with a jacquard loom that offers the possibility of combining up to 5 different colours. As many as 98 starting patterns inspired by fashion trends and represented in 7 lines: Bonton, Dandy, Street, Indie, Hipster, Hippie and Grunge. We reveal them to you one by one.


The sophistication of simplicity. Bonton is a style that loves delicate colours, dusty, pastel hues and neutral nuances.


Originality that won’t go unnoticed, with just a hint of excess. Dandy is the choice of fine details, expressing elegance and personality.


Young, cosmopolitan, metropolitan, unconventional. In a mix-and-match mood unbridled by fashion, driven by the desire to experiment.


Independent, free from the dictates of fashion. A bold style created from personalised details, with a vintage flavour and flouting the rules of the masses.


Carefully studied, but always very personal elegance, the original expression of people who, like a jazz rhythm, want to create something new, including through interior design objects.


Freedom, nature, bold colours and pairings with a gypsy flair: in hippie style, excess becomes the rule.


Rebellious, even in the choice of a trendsetting fashion. Low profile by design, but only apparently, since it leaves room for a revival taste.


A custom rug, the result of the creativity and know-how of Platinum Custom Rugs, for those looking for a unique piece, but at the same time not challenging, and for those who want to change often face to living spaces, always keeping up with the trends of interior design.
Rugs construction

Rugs construction

Jacquard loom


Mechanical Jacquard loom rugs
weighing approximately 1.7 kg/sq.m., made in a maximum of five colours per design on one level.

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