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Modern round rugs that revolutionize the space

Orbita is more than just a collection of modern round rugs. It's a captivating fusion of cosmic depths from the universe and contemporary design. The result of a bold vision that aims to revolutionize the concept of space through subtle circular forms, providing tangible inspiration for architects and designers in search of creative solutions to luxuriously furnish their spaces. 

Join us in discovering the elegance and versatility of Orbita rugs, where beauty and functionality converge in 7 stylistic lines: Earth, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn.


Illuminate your space with a custom round modern rug named TERRA. Personalized to fit perfectly in your space, offers a unique and contemporary design that will transform your home.


Transform your space with the custom NETTUNO rug. Created specifically for your environment, this modern rug offers a unique style inspired by the essence of NETTUNO.


Add a touch of elegance to your space with the custom GIOVE rug. Modern and sophisticated design will transform your space into a place of refinement.


Discover beauty in every thread of the custom VENERE rug. This modern masterpiece brings an touch of elegance and charm to your space.


Make your space unique with the custom URANO rug. Its celestial and contemporary style will transport your space to a world of extraordinary design.


Choose innovation and originality with the custom MARTE rug. Its modern design adds a unique touch of creativity to your space.


Add a touch of timeless elegance to your space with the custom MERCURIO rug. Its modern and refined design will transform your space into a place of class.


Bring star-inspired design into your space with the custom SATURNO rug. This modern rug transforms your space into a celestial and contemporary place.


Inspired by the colours of the universe with its cosmic depths. Silhouettes of understated circular forms that revolutionise space. Orbita explores new paths in interior design.
Rugs construction

Rugs construction

Jacquard loom


Mechanical Jacquard loom rugs
weighing approximately 1.7 kg/sq.m., made in a maximum of five colours per design on one level.

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