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Vintage Geometric Style Customized for Your Room


Choose originality with the DANDY QUATTRO rug, customizable and characterized by a vintage geometric style. Transform your space with personalized design."
Colour variants
*minimum width 1m – max 2,6 m

140×200 cm
160×230 cm
200×300 cm
250×350 cm
Jacquard loom
75% Polyester Chenille – 25% Cotton
Customisable sizes and colours

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The sophistication of simplicity. Bonton is a style that loves delicate colours, dusty, pastel hues and neutral nuances.


Originality that won’t go unnoticed, with just a hint of excess. Dandy is the choice of fine details, expressing elegance and personality.


Young, cosmopolitan, metropolitan, unconventional. In a mix-and-match mood unbridled by fashion, driven by the desire to experiment.


Independent, free from the dictates of fashion. A bold style created from personalised details, with a vintage flavour and flouting the rules of the masses.


Carefully studied, but always very personal elegance, the original expression of people who, like a jazz rhythm, want to create something new, including through interior design objects.


Freedom, nature, bold colours and pairings with a gypsy flair: in hippie style, excess becomes the rule.


Rebellious, even in the choice of a trendsetting fashion. Low profile by design, but only apparently, since it leaves room for a revival taste.

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