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Discover our collection of custom-made classic rugs inspired by Italy's historical, musical and artistic heritage. These classic art rugs with their refined beauty are a tribute to the cultural richness of our beautiful country and offer a perfect exemplification of Italian design. This fusion of Italian art, craftsmanship and design underlines the uniqueness of the I-Classici collection, which is able to win the hearts of customers all over the world and bring a piece of our country into their spaces. Perfect as classic living room, entrance or bedroom rugs, I-Classici can be customized in a large number of colors from an impressive 43 starting patterns, divided into three fascinating product lines: Impero, Opera and Sinfonia. Experience the essence of tradition and timeless taste.


The decorative elements in this collection are inspired by a classical flair. A perfect stylistic balance frames our textile creations, precious rugs with eternal charm that enhance spaces, evoking all the power and beauty of Italian classicism.


We pay tribute to the great artists of Italian history through a stylistic search that revisits the decorations of classical iconography, respecting proportions and chromatic tastes, but with an eye to the future.


In this harmonious collection, a well-defined chromatic scale enriches the textile vibrations created by the weave of warp and weft. Fine natural yarns are woven on ancient looms by skilled hands that reproduce decorations as unique and airy as the timeless melodies of the Italian Opera.


I Classici
The "I Classici" collection offers the best luxury classic rugs with an Italian soul, whose beauty, part of the platinum collection, draws inspiration from the invaluable historical, musical, and artistic heritage of the Bel Paese. Classic art rugs with iconic designs that captivate the global customer.
Rugs construction

Rugs construction


The weaving is entirely done by hand, making each rug a unique piece. Two hand-knotting techniques, known as Nepalese and Oriental, indicate different levels of craftsmanship.


Hand-tufted rugs are produced by punching individual yarns through a fabric sheet using a device called a "tufting gun." Once the rug is completed, a second fabric is glued to the back to secure the yarns in place.

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