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Imago Formenuances is the collection of rugs with irregular shapes designed to offer even more versatile and creative ideas for decorating spaces. Born from the harmonious combination of colors and shapes, these uniquely shaped rugs combine captivating patterns with perfect asymmetries. With Imago Formenuances, the irregular luxury rug embraces the abstract lines and ever-changing nuances of modern design, intertwining to create absolutely unique compositions. Each rug is handcrafted to measure and can be composed by combining a number of colors of your choice, inspired by the 64 starting patterns in the four lines: Signum, Figura, Sectio and Radius.


Lines that converge, intersect and combine to create movements of shapes. An optical effect that tricks the eye.


The same, but always different. Shapes and colours combine, letting the light decide the result. And the shapes remain free.


Coloured geometries criss-cross on multiple planes, creating cut lines. The rug’s motif breaks up and is recomposed, creating a different shape every time, adapting to the lines of the interior or amazing the eye with its transformation.


The ethereal perfection of the circle is contaminated with volutes and irregular shapes, animated by the use of colour, and evolving into four original concepts.


Imago Formenuances
Abstract silhouettes and nuances intertwine, in a play of ever-changing shapes, creating new compositions that follow perfectly the lines of the spaces to be decorated. Discover the four new lines in our coll
Rugs construction

Rugs construction


The weaving is entirely done by hand, making irregular rug a unique piece. Two hand-knotting techniques, known as Nepalese and Oriental, indicate different levels of craftsmanship.


Hand-tufted irregular rugs are produced by punching individual yarns through a fabric sheet using a device called a "tufting gun." Once the rug is completed, a second fabric is glued to the back to secure the yarns in place.

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