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Work in Progress - Salone del Mobile Milan 2023

A 'Universal' Concept of Luxury Design Rugs

Luxury design rugs that are beautiful but above all healthy. Minimalist furnishings. Environments inspired by the personality of those who live in them. In short, there is a growing desire for interior design focused on one's own well-being. This is also confirmed by the trends of the upcoming Salone del Mobile 2023, scheduled from April 18 to 23 in Milan.

Today, spaces are rethought in a way that ensures the emotional comfort that a welcoming and protective home should provide. And even materials are the subject of attention: only the most refined are chosen to become part of one's daily well-being.
The home thus becomes the ultimate safe place, sheltered from stress and the influences of the world. It is seen as a nest that has no edges, but only curves full of roundness that inspire welcoming, that know how to envelop and warm.

Circularity is the leitmotif of the interior that becomes a place of connection with oneself. There is a different concept of geometric depth, no longer linear but curved, that conquers.

Already in the early months of last year, Platinum Custom Rugs had embarked on this path with new proposals for luxury design rugs "irregular" - the collection Imago Formenuances - to break out of the rectangular mould and move towards shapes that do not follow standards, only needs. Today we continue in this direction with the new concept Orbita, to be presented at the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan at PAVILION 14 STAND E37.

Orbita" is the New Center of Gravity in Rug Design

Orbita" is the New Center of Gravity in Rug Design

Curves, universal design, style explorations: these are the main themes of the new rug design project Orbita, a design concept by Platinum Custom Rugs ready to explore the new frontiers of rug furnishing, which will be presented at the Salone del Mobile 2023 in a stand immersed in this atmosphere.

Here, the fil bleu - and it's apt to say - will indeed be the dark blue inspired by the colors of the universe, with its cosmic depths where the subtle circular shapes of planets stand out. Celestial bodies and their orbits are at the center of our style study with the idea of rethinking spaces by designing new furnishing trajectories.

The stand designed for the Salone is a launch into this new universe of rugs

Craftsmanship will be the gateway to an intimate and cozy atmosphere, where round rugs will become protagonists in both form and material. And it's this very material that will contribute to an intense "tactile" live experience, immersed in an almost ethereal allure of rugs suspended between vision and realization.

Ultimately, the new luxury design rugs by Platinum Custom Rugs will orbit around the home-space, the true permanent center of gravity of one's interior.Discover this new rug design project "Orbita" at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2023 from April 18 to 23 - Pavilion 14 stand E37!