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Wool rugs and other raw materials, how many combinations!

From wool and silk rugs to tencel combined with linen. At Platinum Custom Rugs, we also weave the finest raw materials to create truly unique rugs. For us, this is the true value of customization and craftsmanship: creating exclusive works by mixing patterns and weaving techniques. A creative skill fueled by our Style Office, where combinations of raw materials, designs, and textures are continuously experimented with to create genuine pieces of furniture that meet the most sophisticated needs of architects, interiors, and shops.

A thousand possibilities for your custom handmade rugs

We love to experiment. We choose the finest and most exclusive fibers for the yarns with which we compose each individual rug. Silk, wool, bamboo silk, viscose, linen, tencel, polyester chenille, and cotton can be mixed to create rugs that are authentic works of textile art. Each material brings specific qualities that, when harmoniously combined, produce extraordinary results. Here are a few examples.

Wool and silk rug: a classic of elegance and durability

An example of a winning combination is the use of silk in a wool rug. Silk, with its unique sheen, and wool, known for its strength and warmth, come together to create a rug that is both elegant and durable. This combination is perfect for living rooms and representative spaces where aesthetics are paramount.

Viscose and bamboo silk rug: sustainable brilliance

Another innovative integration is that of bamboo silk in a viscose rug. Bamboo silk offers an eco-friendly sheen as it comes from a sustainable material, while viscose adds versatility and a wide range of colors. Together, these materials create rugs that shine with natural and sustainable beauty, ideal for modern and environmentally conscious spaces.

Luxury linen and tencel rugs: freshness combined with softness

Linen and tencel are perfect for creating fresh and soft rugs. Linen, with its light and airy texture, and tencel, known for its extraordinary softness and sustainability, come together to offer rugs that provide a sense of lightness and comfort, ideal for bedrooms and relaxing spaces.

Italian polyester chenille and cotton rugs: texture and versatility

For rugs that must withstand daily wear without losing their charm, polyester chenille and cotton are the perfect choice. Chenille adds a luxurious tactile dimension, while cotton ensures versatility and comfort. This combination is best for high-traffic areas such as hallways and family living rooms.

How to match handmade rugs with the right furniture? Here are some tips

  1. For a "natural luxury": combining bamboo silk and wool in a rug adds natural sheen and exceptional durability, making it perfect for furnishing an elegant living room. A combination of sustainability and refinement.

  2. For modern elegance: a rug made of viscose and silk presents vibrant colors and unmatched brilliance. Ideal for a contemporary space that wants to capture light and attention.

  3. For ecological comfort: using linen and tencel together ensures a feeling of freshness and softness. A rug with this combination of raw materials is perfect for a relaxing environment, such as a bedroom.

How to recognize a high-quality rug?

A high-quality rug is recognized by the quality of the materials, the knot density, the complexity of the design, and the precision of the workmanship. Fine materials such as high-quality silk and wool, combined with the meticulous craftsmanship of Platinum Custom Rugs, are key indicators of a high-quality rug.

What are the finest rugs?

The finest rugs are often those made with pure silk or a combination of silk and high-quality wool. Rugs with intricate designs and high knot density per square inch are particularly valued. Innovative combinations of materials like bamboo silk and viscose can also produce rugs of exceptional beauty and value. Get inspired with our collections.

How much does it cost to make a custom rug?

The cost of a custom rug varies based on the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the size of the rug. In general, rugs made with fine materials like silk and wool can be significantly more expensive. For an accurate estimate, it is advisable to contact us directly for a personalized quote based on the client's specific needs.

Add value to your interior projects with handmade rugs from Platinum Custom Rugs

We will continue to explore and inspire you with new styles for furnishings through the combinations of raw materials in our unique rugs. We aim to offer not just "products," but works that meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of every project. Our handmade rugs are a testament to the power of creativity and craftsmanship we possess, as they "weave"—quite literally—tradition and innovation in a harmonious and surprising way.

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