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Custom Style: The elegance of Platinum Custom Rugs' modern design rugs continues to amaze.

The tailored luxury of Platinum Custom Rugs' modern design carpets continues to captivate.

In the world of custom luxury furnishings, few things can transform a space like modern design rugs. And when it comes to envisioning something crafted and personalized with the highest production quality, Platinum Custom Rugs emerges as a benchmark name. In this article, we will delve into a recent case involving the request for three magnificent custom-made carpets for a private client. Never before has design met craftsmanship, and our ability to mediate with creative consultancy has produced new exclusive pieces of great value. Let's explore what they entail.

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Here are the luxury carpets requested by the client.

In their request for luxury carpets from Platinum Custom Rugs, the client had a clear vision of the ambiance they wanted to create in their home. For the living room, they chose the Piano design from the Armonia collection in the Inedita catalog. This carpet is a true work of art, featuring a simple two-level design that blends classical and contemporary elements in a perfect symphony of style. Handcrafted with masterful skill, it brings harmony not only to the eyes but also to the soul of the space.

Conversely, for the entrance and the veranda, the client opted for a completely customized design. Our ability to guide them in bespoke creation, along with attention to stylistic sensitivity, quickly made this desire a reality. The three carpets were meticulously crafted to ensure that the design and colors perfectly aligned with the client's vision. This bespoke operation is one of the distinctive features of Platinum Custom Rugs, dedicated every day to creating unique and artisanal modern design rugs, even if it's just a single piece, for architects, designers, or private individuals.

Here are the luxury carpets requested by the client.
Weaving in luxury rugs: a choice of value and affordability

Weaving in luxury rugs: a choice of value and affordability

To fully appreciate the exceptional quality of the luxury carpets crafted by Platinum Custom Rugs for this client, it's important to understand the chosen production technique: hand-tufting. This processing method is known for its efficiency and speed, ideal for producing modern design rugs that follow current trends in the world of furnishings. In contrast to hand-knotted carpets, tufting involves the use of a carpet gun that threads the yarn through a fabric or canvas base. This technique makes the carpet:

  • Cost-effective: one of the main advantages of hand-tufted rugs is their more affordable cost compared to hand-knotted rugs. This makes them an appealing choice for those seeking a high-quality artifact without facing excessive costs.

  • Customizable: tufted rugs offer ample design possibilities, though not as extensive as hand-knotted. Thanks to this versatility, it's possible to create contemporary designs and patterns, allowing the client to express their creativity and style.

  • Quickly achievable: tufting allows for fast and precise creation while preserving the excellent craftsmanship of the carpet and efficient use of materials.

Production of a modern viscose rug, an element of radiant elegance.

One of the fundamental choices in rug production for this client was the use of viscose, a natural fiber similar to silk. Rugs made with pure vegetable viscose are known for their unique sheen. Depending on how light hits the surface, the rug's color appears to change, creating extraordinary visual effects in the living room where it is placed. Viscose is soft to the touch, giving the rugs an unparalleled look and feel of luxury. So, the reason for this choice becomes immediately clear, stemming from a profound understanding of materials by Platinum Custom Rugs experts and an ongoing quest for the best yarns paired with the most iconic design possible.

Platinum Custom Rugs, beauty and passion in custom-designed carpets.

We are not just producers of custom-designed rugs, but genuine partners in the design and creation of personalized textile masterpieces. Each rug crafted with the Platinum Custom Rugs signature represents an unmistakable imprint of Italian beauty. Italian creative heritage and the rich tradition of craftsmanship in the rug industry are our primary sources of inspiration. We love blending art, imagination, technique, and the unexpected on every canvas.

Our designers are heirs to the stylistic essence of Italian culture, creating absolutely exclusive modern design rugs that express the globally recognized craftsmanship excellence. From a practical standpoint, we offer comprehensive operational support, managing the entire rug production cycle to delivery. Collaborating with Platinum Custom Rugs is an experience that goes beyond mere custom rug creation; it is an opportunity to bring tailored luxury into the home environment. With these 3 tufted rugs, as in every rug production, we contribute to transforming spaces into true works of art, combining history and innovation.

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