Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

Elegance and Sobriety in Luxury Rugs: A Refined and Timeless Choice

Class is attributed to a composure of manners, to tones never shouted, to details that stand out in a context of refined and understated elegance. The neutral colors of the environments and furnishings precisely adhere to the canons of a dignified style, making them the timeless classic.

The preference of architects, interior designers, and clients, based on our experience in recent years, undoubtedly leans towards neutral tones, expressed in various variants. In the range of lighter colors, you can find many shades of white, sand, and dove gray, while darker tones touch upon variations of mud, mole, or gray. This chromatic choice is accentuated by natural, glossy yarns and homogeneous surfaces. The rugs most requested by professionals, to create a harmonious interior design, are mostly those with classic and essential decorations, playing with significant borders, usually tone-on-tone, leaving the center in a solid color.

A rug with these characteristics certainly doesn't go unnoticed. Despite the understatement of neutral tones, consistent and continuous with furnishings and other decorative elements, it is the result of a strong decision expressed with extreme grace. Thus, the sobriety of an element destined to assert itself with personality in the context of interior design is appreciated, making it a frequent choice for those who decorate with wise taste, beyond fashions and trends, in their inhabited spaces, professional environments, halls, and representative residences.

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