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The experience and history in the creation of custom-designed carpets by Platinum Custom Rugs now have their home.

The secrets of custom-designed rugs revealed in Platinum Custom Rugs' new showroom

Our showroom in Carmignano di Brenta is renewed and transformed into a tribute to art, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty of luxury rugs. The Platinum Custom Rugs showroom is a place where passion and production merge, where each artifact tells a unique story, and every detail reflects a commitment to excellence. Architects, interior designers, and furniture experts are not only invited to see but also to touch, feel, and experience the luxury design rugs in all their splendor. This showroom aims to become a reference point for art lovers, creativity enthusiasts, and those seeking authenticity in the world of interiors.

It's much more than a mere exhibition space; it's a journey into the creations that have always characterized us.

Beyond rug production: a tactile and sensory experience.

A journey into custom-made carpets, exploring collections and artisanal techniques.

The result of careful and meticulous renovation, our showroom is a haven for lovers of elegance and creativity. Here, the custom-made rug is born and materializes into a masterpiece handwoven, where design and craftsmanship intertwine. You experience an atmosphere that invites you to delve into the most celebrated collections, such as the classic-inspired Inedita, the recent Imago Formenuances, capturing attention with their timeless beauty.

Each displayed custom-made rug is the result of a craftsmanship process that blends tradition and innovation. Techniques passed down through generations merge with a keen eye on contemporary trends, giving life to unique creations that represent the best of both worlds. Tufting or knotting? Both processes conceal unique details of immense value. And the showroom is the perfect place to revive them: we have redesigned everything focusing on the craftsmanship and dedication that only a handmade custom rug can offer.

The experience offered by the new showroom goes beyond simple rug production. Here, physical contact is valued and encouraged because touching the softness of precious yarns and closely admiring intricate weaves becomes an integral part of artistic discovery. Each artifact is a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and details that can be fully appreciated only by touching.

From our hands to yours.

We firmly believe that luxury rugs are not just home accessories but works of art that can transform spaces and enrich daily experiences. Through the showroom, this philosophy comes to life, inspiring architects, interior designers, and furnishing professionals who want to unleash their creativity and explore new solutions for their custom-designed rugs.

Custom-designed rugs, the heart of personalization.

One of the most distinctive features for which the market recognizes us is our ability to create custom-designed rugs that reflect each client's vision. The showroom is the ideal environment to experience this personalization firsthand. We aim not only to create iconic collections but also unique pieces that meet individual needs and desires.

Custom-designed rugs, the heart of personalization.

Design my rug," how to do it online with Platinum Custom Rugs

Direct interaction with the designers of the Style Office at Platinum Custom Rugs allows the translation of ideas into tangible reality. This is also possible online through the bespoke area "Design my rug" on our website. In a few simple steps, you can initiate the creation of your custom rug by choosing materials, colors, and design. This initiates a collaborative process of ideas, inspiration, creative exchanges, and drafts culminating in the creation of something capable of telling the story you had in mind.

The bespoke area is a simple and direct solution to immediately enter the world of Platinum Custom Rugs. More and more professionals use this tool to be guided in creating their next custom rug. Each initiated project will then be given a direct consultation to define details and timelines before production begins.

A unique piece or a piece of uniqueness?

Architects, interior designers, and industry professionals can find here a reservoir of ideas, a source of suggestions, and creative solutions. Each visit is an opportunity to explore new directions, discover unique combinations, and collaborate with textile art experts in realizing their own project, even if it's a single piece. Creating a single piece aligns precisely with the canon of uniqueness that we want to ensure: unique because it's tailored to individual needs; unique because it's stylistically unparalleled; unique because it's a singular creation. We do not impose minimum production requirements to dedicate all the time and attention possible to each rug.

An creative oasis for professionals in search of luxury rugs.

An creative oasis for professionals in search of luxury rugs.

The value of the renovated showroom goes beyond mere inspiration: it's a place where collaboration comes to life. Our experts are available to share their knowledge and provide personalized consultations to turn designers' visions into concrete realities. The goal is to create synergies that lead to unique and refined solutions.

Moreover, it's the ideal venue for events and workshops, where creative minds can meet, share ideas, and learn from other professionals. We aspire to build a community of innovators, where the art of custom-designed rugs intertwines with interior design, generating a stimulating and enriching atmosphere.

In conclusion, through the restyling of the showroom at the historic headquarters in Carmignano di Brenta, we aimed to recreate a magical space where art, tradition, and modernity blend to create a timeless experience. Each exhibited rug represents a fragment of the past, present, and future, skillfully woven with mastery and passion. This enchanting place is destined to become a reference point for those seeking the essence of creativity and excellence in the world of luxury rugs, to be lived as an integral part of their identity.

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