Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

The design rugs paired with the furniture: those few seconds that capture the customer.

The rug "dresses" the furniture, which, once integrated into a total look proposal, stands out in all its aesthetic value. Imagining the final effect of placing a piece of furniture in one's living room is truly challenging for those not involved in design, as is natural for the customer furnishing their home. On the other hand, science tells us about the "7 seconds," the time it takes to fall in love or make a decision (which are essentially the same thing). 7 seconds is equivalent to a glance.

The image presented in a store or showroom, a design rug paired with a sofa, is not analyzed in detail but grasped as a whole. It is constructed to create a harmonious composition, giving a very defined character to the furnishing proposal. This pairing will be "winning" in the customer's perception, ultimately winning them over.

It is the store's attention to find the right solution for each specific customer, interpreting their taste. In the role of a decorator, the sales representative must guide the customer's choices, as they rely on finding the perfect match between furniture and textiles.

The ideal design rug to complement well-crafted furniture

The ideal choice is a modern rug, designed to complement well-crafted furniture from top market brands. It should also be offered at the right price, not exceeding that of the furniture, the focal point of interior design. Simultaneously, it should be customizable because the rug adds that extra touch defining the character of the interior design (the same sofa, paired with two different rugs, can create entirely different moods).
It may seem like an impossible request to fulfill, but the solution exists.

The solution is here, coming from over forty years of expertise in modern rug production: Atelier is the collection of rugs crafted on-demand, each time selecting from a comprehensive predefined catalog. It provides a guide that allows ample room for customer interpretation or those assisting them in their style choices. Enjoy all the benefits of a preconceived design, immediately visible, with the freedom to create a unique piece through a mix of patterns, yarns, and colors.
This maneuverability allows the creation of a luxurious rug, capturing the nuances or details of the sofa or other furnishing elements. Pairings created this way will always perfectly align with customer preferences. A service whose value the customer will recognize, even at first glance.

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