Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs
Luxury custom rugs supplier for Contract and Hospitality.

We create elegance in your contract spaces with unique rugs

Luxury custom rugs supplier for Contract and Hospitality.

Platinum Custom Rugs meets all the needs of supplying large-scale luxury rugs for contract projects, helping to enhance spaces and improve business.

Since 1982, we have been collaborating with the best Italian companies thanks to our great experience in the world of rugs and a department dedicated to the contract world, made up of experienced professionals in design, graphics and planning, with the addition of numerous collaborations specialized in the field.


A unique production in every sense: we also create only one piece!
Customizable rugs for design, shape, dimensions, materials, and colors.
A Style Office with professional designers to guide you in every project.
We create tailor-made projects according to your needs and budget
The production of the rug starts from your online configuration
Each carpet is absolutely artisanal, handmade, and unique
We can create and send you rug samples upon your request
In our showroom, you can closely touch rugs and yarns
Luxury rugs for contract projects

Highest quality, customized design, and effective budget management for large quantities.

Luxury rugs for contract projects

The contract contexts we have been working with for 40 years are the widest and have allowed us to gain high experience in the supply of:


  • - Rugs for public or commercial spaces
  • - Rugs for hotels and restaurants
  • - Rugs for offices and studios
  • - Rugs for real estate
  • - Rugs for banks and private facilities
  • - Rugs for ships and yachts
  • - Rugs for showrooms, stores and boutiques

Experts in design and planning for contract projects of any size.

Experts in design and planning for contract projects of any size.
Experts in design and planning for contract projects of any size.


In a world such as contract, where efficiency and reliability are indispensable, Platinum Custom Rugs becomes the perfect partner for the supply of luxury rugs: recognized in the market for the high quality of materials, high level of customization and craftsmanship, budget optimization in the procurement of large quantities and fast and direct customer service.



Our customers also asked

The average cost of our luxury carpets is €500 + VAT per square meter.
We produce luxury natural fibre rugs for customised designs according to specific customer requirements. We offer different constructions and yarn solutions: Jacquard loom, hand tufted and hand knotted.
It depends on the type of processing. For hand tufted we use natural fibres such as, wool, viscose, tencel and bamboo silk. For hand-knotted rugs, we use silk and linen in addition to the yarns just mentioned. For the jacquard loom we have a single yarn available in polyester chenille and cotton.
The choice of colours is made directly by our style department according to the design required. Simply provide a Pantone or RAL reference from which we will then derive the shade from the more than 2100 yarn colours we have available. In addition, for the final shade selection, a box with the chosen colours will be sent afterwards so you can see them live.
Yes, it is possible. In all our projects you will already find a rendering of the rugs but, if you would like to see it inserted into the environment you are designing, simply provide us with an image and we will take care of setting it.
Yes, of course. Just send us the drawing in high resolution and we will propose the materials and constructions that best suit your project. We will produce a graphic draft of the finished rugs for you.
We have our own production in India, the place par excellence of rug manufacturing.
Certainly. We produce 60×60 cm samples on request, which is the ideal size for viewing the details, touch the material and choose the most suitable type of construction.
We produce luxury rugs in natural fibres. Depending on the target audience and how the brand is positioned in the market, we offer different constructions and yarn solutions such as: Jacquard loom, hand tafted and hand knotted.
We can easily produce even a single piece. Obviously, the quantity produced lowers costs.
It depends on various factors. First of all the type of construction. On average around 60 days because it is completely handmade and customised.
Request information about our jacquard loom line Atelier and Orbita!

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