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Atelier: Quality Custom Rug

Matching the desire for a custom-made, high-quality carpet with an affordable price is possible today, thanks to the Atelier series, the ready-to-wear line by Platinum Custom Rugs.

From the mastery and history of luxury carpet manufacturers comes a creative, agile solution at an "easy" price, satisfying even the most discerning when it comes to quality furnishing carpets. Atelier impresses with its customization possibilities available to a customer. Its only limitations are the size of the loom used, 2.60 meters, which defines the height of the carpets (while leaving maximum freedom in length), and the number of five colors that can be combined in the weaving. From these starting points, creativity can truly run wild.

Five colors allow, on one hand, for a good definition of shades in the designs, and on the other hand, to create a complete palette with which to realize a furnishing project for the most diverse living environments and prestigious professional contexts. There are a total of 65 colors of chenille and cotton yarn available, referencing Pantone. The flat weaving of the jacquard loom allows for very practical carpets, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

As for the designs, the catalog of the line offers a series of patterns, inspired by clothing styles, to be modulated with endless color combinations. But these are just a starting point because Atelier allows for the creation of any decoration from scratch, including implementing an original design from the customer, leading to the creation of a unique and exclusive carpet.
A type of carpet that seems tailor-made for the contract world, given its versatility, but that also perfectly suits private customers. In fact, a private customer can request their personalized design even in a single piece.

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