Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

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The showcase is designed to narrate and engage.

Illustrations, words, and the visual journey are all inspired by the colors of the universe and cosmic depths. As you flip through it, you become part of a conceptual journey that, through planets, stars, and rocks, leads to the round shapes of luxury designer rugs designed to soften home environments. Each creation is a landing in the infinite space of ideas drawn by Platinum Custom Rugs: names and colors create associations with distant worlds, yet alive in the imagination. Yarns and dimensions tickle the desires of those seeking something perfect for their style. Fantasies and textures explode between the pages, offering both neutral and minimalist perceptions and more surprising sensations.

Every choice in graphic design has been made with care, combining elements of futurism and craftsmanship, history with dream. It couldn't be otherwise for a collection that aspires to explore the boundaries of luxury designer rugs and create unique emotions.

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