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A Must for Rug Production, As Versatile as Few

Firstly, wool is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is naturally very resistant to scratches and wear, making it particularly suitable for rugs placed under tables or in high-traffic areas of the house, like the entrance and dining room. Moreover, it is elastic and gives the product the ability to easily regain its original shape after being squashed or compressed. For these reasons, natural fiber rugs like wool can last many years without losing their beauty and original appearance.

A “clean” raw material

You'll be happy to know that wool does not stain easily. Any mark that may appear on these natural fiber rugs can be cleaned with the help of a mild detergent and simply rinsing with water. A true ally for a flawless environment! Plus, it does not retain odors and is not prone to infestation by insects and bacteria, making it an absolutely hygienic choice for the home, especially in the presence of children.

And what about comfort?

As one might well imagine, a wool rug is soft, gentle to the touch and especially quiet: this super material is also capable of absorbing noise, so walking on it barefoot becomes a real pleasure, especially in the bedroom or in areas where you spend a lot of time barefoot. And there's not just one season to enjoy its qualities: wool helps to maintain the indoor temperature as it acts as an excellent natural insulator, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.

An 'Eco' Choice in Rug Production

These natural fiber rugs are biodegradable and therefore perfectly sustainable for the home and environment. Wool, in fact, can be disposed of or recycled to reduce waste, even reused at the end of its life cycle. Absolutely fireproof and therefore safe for health, it does not release substances and is perfectly ecological.

All the Forms of Design
But let's get to one of the reasons why you can't do without a woolen artifact: design. Considered one of the most refined and malleable products of home furnishings, this yarn helps the designer to freely explore creativity. Thus, all the colors, textures, patterns, and inspirations in wool rug production are born, whether handmade or tufted, from the most classic to the most iconic shapes as in our rugs collections.

Anyone can find the style and identity of the home with natural fiber rugs thanks to this wonderful raw material.

Is it or is it not a super material?

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