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From a luxury rug to a frame for the decor, here’s how we fulfilled a client's wish.

When a modern luxury rug meets functionality: the Illusio.DUE case

When we think of a modern luxury rug to bring into the home, aesthetics matter. But that's not all. Functionality must be considered to create an environment that also meets the practical needs of the space being furnished. At Platinum Custom Rugs, we love to stand out precisely for this ability to turn desires into reality, modifying our works according to needs.

And we have demonstrated it once again thanks to the somewhat unusual but fascinating request of a client who fell in love with our Illusio.DUE collection Imago to place in the living room. It is a modern tufted rug that combines elegance with a striking three-dimensionality thanks to the optical effect of the design on the surface. But what makes this rug truly special - and what captivated our client - is its ability to transform the environment, adding style and depth. However, the client went further: he wanted a rug that not only added elegance to the space but that would "open" its design by creating a "frame" on which to place the central table.

Custom rugs mean unlimited customizations

And this is where the skill and creativity of the Style Office of Platinum Custom Rugs come into play. Without hesitation, the design team set to work to transform this vision into reality by modifying this modern luxury rug. With careful graphic redesign, the three-dimensional pattern of Illusio.DUE underwent a few but significant changes to create an empty space in the center, intended to frame the perimeter of the table according to the required measurements. The result was exactly as imagined: a custom-designed rug that is not just a piece of furniture but has become an integral part of its layout, a harmonious fusion of form and function.

The new custom rug is born

The new custom rug Illusio.DUE was handcrafted using the prestigious tufting technique with only the finest materials: wool and viscose, ensuring a luxurious look, superior durability, and uncompromised quality. The customized size of 280 x 380 cm allowed it to fit perfectly in the living room.

Platinum Custom Rugs, specialist in handmade custom rugs for every project

This is yet another successful example by Platinum Custom Rugs. It demonstrates how art and functionality can merge to create something truly useful as well as extraordinary. Whether adapting an existing design or creating something entirely new, at Platinum Custom Rugs we are always ready to exceed the expectations of architects, designers, and interior professionals, weaving every desire thread by thread.

If you are looking for a modern luxury rug that goes beyond simple decor, and that can advise and guide you with expertise in the world of custom handcrafted works, Platinum Custom Rugs is the perfect choice for you.

The new custom rug is born

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