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Platinum Custom Rugs
Furniture or Industrial? Design your custom carpet collection

Custom Carpets for the Furniture and Industrial Sectors

Furniture or Industrial? Design your custom carpet collection

To design and create your custom carpet collection, you can't make a better choice: Platinum Custom Rugs is the go-to source for design, artisanal, and tailored products for Furniture and Industrial players in the world of interior design.
Our teams of designers and sales consultants are ready to assist you in developing and producing exclusive high-end carpet collections, perfectly adaptable to your style and decor, entirely customizable, and branded with your own label.


The uniqueness of a carpet collection dedicated to your product lines allows you to showcase your brand and stand out from competitors in no time.
Add value to what you do.


A unique production in every sense: we also create only one piece!
Customizable rugs for design, shape, dimensions, materials, and colors.
A Style Office with professional designers to guide you in every project.
We create tailor-made projects according to your needs and budget
The production of the rug starts from your online configuration
Each carpet is absolutely artisanal, handmade, and unique
We can create and send you rug samples upon your request
In our showroom, you can closely touch rugs and yarns

Our customers also asked

We have our own production in India, the place par excellence of rug manufacturing.
Certainly. We produce 60×60 cm samples on request, which is the ideal size for viewing the details, touch the material and choose the most suitable type of construction.
We produce luxury rugs in natural fibres. Depending on the target audience and how the brand is positioned in the market, we offer different constructions and yarn solutions such as: Jacquard loom, hand tafted and hand knotted.
We can easily produce even a single piece. Obviously, the quantity produced lowers costs.
It depends on various factors. First of all the type of construction. On average around 60 days because it is completely handmade and customised.

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