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Immersed in elegance: Platinum Custom Rug, the touch for luxury design

Furnishing with luxury: enhancing your space with Platinum Custom Rug

Luxury carpets with impeccable design can incredibly enhance home decor. When customized to fit the style of your spaces, they elevate it even more. Those from Platinum Custom Rugs, masterfully crafted with ancient techniques and inspired by individual desires, unquestionably capture the heart. Such was the case with the UNO.A rug from the Figura line, part of the renowned Imago Formenuances collection by Platinum Custom Rugs, chosen by our client.

This collection is an extraordinary testament to the incredible connection between abstract forms and captivating shades. These are hand-tufted rugs or hand-knotted rugs, with custom designs tailored to fit spaces perfectly, blending shapes and colors to create unique compositions. With a modern and refined style, they bring a touch of contemporary elegance into your home.

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The solution? Custom hand-tufted rugs.

The solution? Custom hand-tufted rugs.

The rug chosen by our client, the model Figura UNO.A, is a product of excellent craftsmanship. It measures 250x300 cm and is crafted from fine wool and viscose. It belongs to the series of hand-tufted rugs: its artisanal execution makes it a unique piece, adorned with carved finishes that enhance its exclusive aesthetics. The craftsmanship is rich in details, with abstract shapes and shades intertwining in a truly distinctive composition.

Figura UNO.A is one of the luxury rugs featured in AD, the renowned magazine for interior design, art, and worldwide distributed design, where Platinum showcases its creations, capturing our client's heart at first glance. Enchanted by the original design, she expressed the desire to customize the color, opting for a lighter green compared to the original pattern. Thanks to the flexibility and speed of customization on our hand-tufted rugs and hand-knotted rugs, the request was fulfilled, allowing the client to have a unique product that reflects her taste and needs.

Luxury rugs to furnish the living room.

Once completed, the UNO.A rug was placed in the heart of the home, namely the living area, where its beauty can be fully appreciated. This artisanal creation adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to the surrounding environment, transforming the area into an oasis of elegance and comfort. The abstract shapes and ever-changing shades designed by our Style Center create a unique atmosphere, where every detail of the rug seems to dance on the surface. A view that brings immense value to those who experience it every day, enjoying the beauty and quality of Platinum's luxury rugs.

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