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Platinum Custom Rugs

The concept of 'all-around' furnishing

The new production of circular carpets takes center stage at the trade fair.

At the recently concluded Milan Furniture Fair, we definitively launched our 'all-around' furnishing concept. The new circular carpet production Orbita, crafted by Platinum Custom Rugs and presented at the fair, undoubtedly interprets the near future of interior design. Our booth narrated the potential of this design concept, highlighting the roundness and universality of the carpet.

A carpet design that adapts to any space and lifestyle.

At Platinum Custom Rugs, we have always viewed carpet design as an opportunity to evoke emotions and sensations. In this sense, circularity offers a new perspective on how carpet production can be reimagined to create cozy and comfortable environments. The booth created by Platinum Custom Rugs at the Salone del Mobile aimed to recreate the same harmony, comfort, and protection that people find in their homes. The circular shape of the carpets - hanging vertically, suspended in space, much like orbiting elements around the furniture planet - imparted a feeling of welcome and gentle movement. The lights and shapes, but above all, the ethereal colors, created a strong sense of connection between visitors and the environment. The chromatic atmosphere, centered around cosmic blue tones, was designed to place people at the heart of a new sense of comfort.

The carpet exhibition was the focal point of the booth. It attracted the curious eyes of architects, interior design professionals, or casual visitors who approached the material library of Orbita and experienced firsthand the extensive work behind each proposal. However, the circular carpet was not the sole protagonist: we wanted to enrich the booth experience with a reinterpretation of carpet design in a retro style in the Inedita and Classici collections, where the taste of tradition intertwines with a more contemporary restyling under the guidance of Platinum Custom Rugs. In short, we involved skilled craftsmen and the designers from our Style Office to create a visiting experience at the fair that was tactile, visual, auditory, fully immersed in the beauty of our carpet production, and above all, complete.