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Hand-Knotted Rug: Excellence and Customisation in Venice

Venice is a unique city that remains in the heart of every visitor. But during the carnival period, it transforms, as if a different creature comes to life. The glorious past of the lagoon's pearl, with its splendors and excesses, becomes the protagonist again, visible in the squares and streets, hidden in the palace parties or in secret gardens.

To the tones between blue and gray of the lagoon, the shining of the gold mosaics, or the whiteness of the marble, are added the thousand colors of sumptuous clothes and imposing masks.
The carnival has always inspired artists and today also designers, who translate the eclectic cues offered by this event born to overturn the everyday into artifacts. Invariably, what arises from this type of inspiration is destined to be eccentric, like a Doge's reception, a sign of prestige but also of an untamed spirit and an uncommon personality. Thus, in the custom rug commissioned to Platinum Custom Rugs by a Venice interior design studio, to interpret the desire of a private home owner in the heart of the lagoon city, everything speaks of excellence, beyond standard and personalization, just as it must be for an artistic work, unique.

The rug designed by Platinum Custom Rugs is a hand-knotted, pure wool, custom-made rug. For the design, the details of precious oriental brocades were freely interpreted. The construction technique makes it possible to translate detailed images and colour nuances into the language of the rug, exploiting the bright colours and gold details that develop in the volutes of the decorations.
The large size enhances the richness of the design. The hand-knotted rug fits harmoniously into the context of the historic building, giving a contemporary touch to the interior design of the eighteenth-century building.

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