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Explore the relationship between environment, space, and luxury rugs at the 60th Salone del Mobile.

Walking through the corridors of the 60th Salone del Mobile, it immediately becomes clear how the in-person reopening edition emphasizes the relationship between the environment, space, and luxury rugs, two concepts that design finds a synthesis in.

Environment is understood as a "green" direction, a corporate vision aimed at respecting the natural context; this translates into the choice of materials, where the preference goes to those that are recycled or recyclable, and in identifying processes that favor the use of renewable energies and technologies aimed at reuse, in a circular economy perspective. Production must increasingly speak of harmony and respect, with nature and with man himself, who works and lives in contact with the elements used. The trend of favoring natural yarns and pigments had already been a key point of Platinum Custom Rugs' choices, and now it proves more vital than ever.

However, environment also refers to the space to be lived in and furnished, where design is crucial in creating a quality of life essentially made of harmony, of virtuous relationships (even just between room sizes and the usability of furnishing accessories). Furniture and accessories are pure form, colors align to define the mood of each room.

Companies bring to the exhibition, along with their artifacts, what they have experienced in the last – difficult – years, during which the Salone could not take place, showing the world they never stopped: the two years of forced break were, in fact, moments of high creativity. There is also a clear desire to finally touch the creations of the brands in person. The virtual version is no longer enough, and the sentiment pervading the fair is almost an euphoria of returning to the firsthand experience. Another presence is innovation, mainly in the direction of reusing materials, and technology that poses a not easy question: how can environment and technology coexist? This seems to be the real issue to tackle, for the world of design.

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