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Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

Custom Rugss: Exploring Excellence with Platinum Custom Rugs Samplers.

In the world of custom rugs, how to navigate through the many possible alternatives and provide satisfying answers to customers? We have thought about creating an agile and comprehensive sales tool to support retailers, helping them better guide their customers by fully exploiting the potential of our offering, especially its various customization options. At the Salone del Mobile 2022, we introduced the new Platinum Custom Rugs samplers, box-shaped kits that provide a complete overview of the creative possibilities for different types of rugs. The starting point for defining a rug is the catalogs of the Platinum Custom Rugs collections and a sampling that illustrates the results of various construction techniques (Jacquard loom, hand-knotted, tufted).

For those interested in the Atelier collection, a dedicated box is available, including two samples (sized 18x18 cm), one in a solid color and one with a pattern. The kit also includes folders with yarns, offering a selection of colors categorized into warm and cool tones, featuring the most requested and trendy options. This allows, from the initial approach, to start designing a custom rug by playing with pattern variations (starting from the catalogs) and the color palette, creating combinations that best suit the overall interior design project.

The Platinum box, alongside catalogs of the "I Classici," "Imago," and "Imago-Formenuances" collections, includes two solid color samples (9x9 cm) of hand-tufted rugs, one in wool and one in viscose, and another two of hand-knotted rugs, one in Tencel and one in bamboo silk. Regarding the color palette, the box supports 72 pompons, including wool and viscose, offering a good overview representing only a fraction of the available color possibilities. By providing precise specifications, referencing RAL or Pantone, it is always possible to identify the specific color required for a project.

Under the guidance of our consultants, the retailer or designer can navigate through various stages of rug construction, selecting their preferred options for construction type, design pattern (choosing from suggested options or fully customizing), yarn type, and finally, color mix. The result will always be a unique rug, designed and crafted to meet their client's specific needs. The furnishing complement thus designed will be highly functional – fitting seamlessly into the context and purpose of use – aesthetically exquisite, perfectly harmonizing with all other elements of the interior, and with the added value of customization, ensuring that no identical object will ever exist.

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