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Project inspired by a floral wallpaper.

Custom Octagonal Rugs

A discerning client always represents a stimulus to creativity. When the request is highly specific, the designers in the style office are prompted to create a truly unique design rug that not only meets the client's desire but even surpasses their expectations. This is the case with a pair of rugs designed by us for an interior design consultant in the province of Padua.

The initial inspiration comes from a wallpaper with a large floral pattern, used in a showroom to decorate the interior of a shower stall. Designing a rug based on a detail from the wallpaper is always an interesting challenge. The initial analysis of the pattern on the upholstery highlighted various elements, with the dark gray background and a design of huge flowers sketched with light lines creating a black and white effect, accentuated by colorful tropical parrots.

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The design of the two rugs revolves around the contrast between light and dark. We opted for the hand-tufting technique, on a single level, using wool for the background and viscose for the design, which is highlighted thanks to the yarn's brightness. Embracing the color scheme of the wallpaper, the designers played with two hues: a cool, dark gray and a very light, silvery gray. From the wallpaper, they captured the detail of a large flower and some leaves. The same pattern is depicted in negative: in the version with a dark background, the rug measures 100x100 cm, while its counterpart, with a silver background, has a width of 150 cm. The two rugs feature the unusual octagonal shape, offering the opportunity to juxtapose textiles and create a unique sense of movement. This design stands out as a proposal sure to capture attention, particularly appealing to clients seeking to break away from conventions, infusing a touch of personality into their living space.

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