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Luxury rugs: exclusive details by Platinum Custom Rugs

Four carpets with a very distinctive personality, located in the heart of the Dolomites.

A warm luxury nest, right in paradise: we could define it as the chalet designed by an architect who is our client, in one of the most renowned high mountain locations in the world, where the landscape truly makes you feel "a step away from heaven."

For the holiday residence, located in San Candido, in the heart of the Dolomites, the clients have chosen a style that represents the meeting point between classic and modern. The architect has studied a total look, and when it came to defining the luxury rugs, found in Platinum Custom Rugs the best partner to conceive, design, and produce exclusive pieces to be harmoniously integrated into the spaces to be furnished. Four rugs with a very defined personality, in harmony with each other, despite their diversity, thanks to a color palette that unifies them, played on neutral shades ranging from dove gray to pearl gray, with a few simple touches of color.

In the living area, the rug (dimensions 233x195 cm) defines the conversation space, echoing the two shades of beige in the seats and cushions, leveraging the ton-sur-ton effect. The rug, made with a wool base and hand-tufted construction, is embellished with the shining detail of the raised pattern in viscose yarn, with its unmistakable softness. The design is an interpretation of the "Paganini" motif from the "I Classici" catalog by Platinum Custom Rugs.

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A more straightforward choice for the rug placed at the foot of the bed in the guest room, made entirely of wool, always with the hand-tufted construction technique. A simple border in a darker tone defines this element, giving it the character of essential modernity.

Identical technical features belong to the rug (dimensions 296x145 cm) in the master bedroom. Here, the design and colors are customized: on a sand-colored base, a darker and glossy border stands out, with a double frame reminiscent of a floral motif. This motif is drawn and designed by the style office of Platinum Custom Rugs, based on weaving characteristics, to achieve an optimal final result.

The touch of color is reserved for the large rug in the TV area (measuring 333x194 cm), where a majestic imperial blue velvet sofa takes center stage, accompanied by two footrest poufs. The rug, always hand-tufted, is made of wool and pearl gray viscose, a blend of yarns that gives a high gloss to the artifact. It is completed with a thin border in the same shade as the seats. This simple viscose pattern recalls the dominant color of the room, enhancing the presence of the sofa.

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