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Here is the customized rug design by Platinum Custom Rugs for an interior design studio

Case Study: Luxury Design Rugs by Imago Formenuances Adorn the Showroom

Once again, the luxury design rugs by Platinum Custom Rugs have captured the attention of architects and interior professionals. This time, the creative collaboration took place with the design studio Le Nuvole Casa & Design from Vicenza, who were impressed by the extraordinary variety of luxurious, handcrafted rugs and the enchanting modernity of Platinum Custom Rugs. The desire for an unparalleled textile artwork and the opportunity to personalize the rug in coordination with our Style Office convinced the professionals from the studio to approach us for this project.

Tradition and Modernity in Irregular-Shaped Rugs: Strengths of the Imago Formenuances Collection

The enthusiasm of the architects at Le Nuvole Casa & Design was ignited by their deep exploration of the Imago Formenuances Collection by Platinum Custom Rugs. The collection serves as a bridge between traditional art and modern design, with a particular focus on adaptability to spaces and customization. Here, abstract shapes and shades intertwine in irregular-shaped rugs, creating ever-changing compositions that perfectly follow the lines of the spaces to be furnished. Specifically, Imago Formenuances offers the possibility to combine a chosen number of colors and presents 64 “model” designs categorized into 4 product lines: Signum, Figura, Sectio, and Radius.

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Sectio Line: Handcrafted Luxury Rugs with Geometric Design

Sectio Line: Handcrafted Luxury Rugs with Geometric Design

The preference was given to the luxury rugs of the Sectio line due to its unique design, capable of blending with architectural geometries and offering a kaleidoscopic experience of colors and forms. Among the irregular-shaped rugs in this line, Sectio.Tre was the one that closely matched the client’s ideas. An authentic masterpiece of textile craftsmanship created through meticulous hand tufting by the skilled artisans at Platinum Custom Rugs, who transformed wool and viscose yarns into an admirable textile creation. The choice of using these fibers as primary materials was driven by the pursuit of aesthetic and functional perfection that has always characterized us and inspired us.

Wool, renowned for its timeless beauty and highly performance-oriented properties, lends the rug a strong finish and superior durability. Its ability to absorb sound and retain warmth makes it ideal for high-traffic residential and commercial spaces. On the other hand, viscose, with its silk-like sheen and tactile softness, adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the rug.

The design of the Sectio.Tre rug is inspired by the hues and shapes of the city, capturing the very essence of its history. The colorful and dynamic geometries extend across multiple planes, creating a play of intersecting lines that merge and separate in an engaging visual dance. This ever-evolving design harmoniously adapts to the surrounding furnishings, constantly transforming its appearance to astonish and captivate observers.

Experience in Rug Design at Platinum Custom Rugs: From Design to Production

Rug design was the centerpiece of this collaboration. The architects at Le Nuvole Casa & Design selected a range of colors that reflected their unique vision of the space to be furnished. Each shade was carefully chosen to coordinate with architectural elements and existing furnishings in their showroom.

Once placed in the studio, the Sectio.Tre rug transformed the environment into an oasis of contemporary elegance. Its ever-evolving geometries capture the gaze of guests, while the craftsmanship and the combination of high-quality materials invite touch. This rug becomes a focal point of conversation, a design piece that not only complements the space but elevates it.

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As in other cases of custom rugs, the collaboration between Platinum Custom Rugs and Le Nuvole Casa & Design has given rise to a completely personalized interior experience. The Sectio.Tre rug from the Imago Formenuances Collection embodies art and craftsmanship, enhancing the harmony between modern design and textile tradition. Its presence in the Le Nuvole Casa & Design showroom pays tribute to the creativity, elegance, and uniqueness that define the world of high-end interiors, enticing customers to seek new solutions for their homes.

Turning to Platinum Custom Rugs, a long-standing reference point in the market for custom luxury design rugs, is the ideal choice for obtaining a unique piece that reflects one’s idea of style and living philosophy. Dimensions, materials, artisanal production processes – including hand tufting and knotting – and an internally curated design are the aspects that, when combined perfectly, deliver a highly valuable creation, making rug design not only an important aspect of composing one’s environment but a true testament to beauty.

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