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Platinum Custom Rugs

Inside a Custom Rug Design. And What Inspired It

A Platinum Custom Rug is carpet design in its purest form. Design of shapes and materials that ideally embrace in the same inspiration, guided by the hand of man. After all, a rug is like an idea: it is born to amaze, made of beauty, but knows how to transform and continue to live in other forms. We call it a "unique piece" because in its infinite possibilities of customization it will always be different for its uniqueness. 

This vision was also shared by Dolores Toniolo, an interior designer from Vicenza with whom we have collaborated for several years, and who wanted to transform one of our hand-tufted rugs, Eclipsis.Tre from the Imago collection, to adapt it to the needs of a client in their elegant Vicenza residence.

Hand-tufted Rugs Shaped by Creativity

The metamorphosis is the soul of hand-tufted rugs. Indeed, the original design of the Eclipsis.Tre model features a rectangular shape with dimensions ranging from 140x200 cm to 300x400 cm, made with very diverse yarns.
Thanks to the inspiration of Dolores Toniolo and the experience of the Style Office at Platinum Custom Rugs, the native version was modified, and the rug took on a new round shape, necessary for the client's needs and perfectly integrated with the furnishing of the living room it was destined for. The circular design, in fact, allows the client to have a free opening of the terrace door.
What made this rug design unique and exclusive was especially the high-quality production: Eclipsis.Tre is hand-tufted, an artisanal process that ensures great resistance and durability over time, and is made of 100% wool, a premium material that gives softness and warmth to the rug. The new size of Ø 190 cm was perfect for the intended area.
The choice of colors was also carefully considered. Warm shades, earth/dove gray, cream, were selected, in nuance with an environment enriched by a moka leather sofa and a moka oak living room furniture.

Hand-tufted Rugs Shaped by Creativity

Why Personalize Luxury Design Rugs with Platinum Custom Rugs?

It's the ideal choice for having a unique piece, capable of reflecting one's personality and style. The luxury design rugs by Platinum Custom Rugs can be custom-made, adapting to the needs of the room and furnishings. The quality of the materials, the artisanal process with hand-tufted rugs, and the internally curated design ensure a result of great value, making the rug design process not just an important moment in the composition of one's home, but a true investment over time.

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