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The classic rug serves as a style accent in an interior design project.

The bold taste of a classic rug that serves as a style accent in an interior design project materializes in a customized version of the Caligola model. This rug was chosen by one of our clients eager to furnish an elegant city residence, defining its prestigious character. The rug is crafted to meet the traditional taste of the client, who, however, embraces a modern reinterpretation of motifs inspired by the ancient history of Italy, which have become iconic over time. Caligola is one of the designs created for the "Empire" line of the "Classic" collection; luxury rugs that showcase in every style detail the Italian essence that characterizes all Platinum Custom Rugs' designer rugs.


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The commission for this textile required a rather substantial intervention from our experts in rug design, who redefined the design to create a unique version. In the preparatory steps, technical and creative teams collaborated to meet the client's taste while also respecting some practical requests. The final result was previewed with render presentations, allowing for a realistic appreciation of the project's quality.

This version of Caligola was crafted in unconventional dimensions, 260×260 cm, to seamlessly fit into the living space of the residence. The yarn colors were carefully selected to harmonize with the neutral tones of the environment and furnishings, playing on the contrast of the burgundy border that captures the gaze. Finally, to optimize the balance between the demand for a luxury rug and the budget set for its realization, we opted for the hand-tufting construction technique, modifying the initial design to weave all decorative details most effectively. The rug is made of wool, while the design takes shape and definition through viscose threads, lending a specific shine to the artifact, embellishing it. The result is a rug that steals the scene and stylishly completes the room's interior design.

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