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Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

Platinum Custom Rugs – a specialized technical partner in personalized luxury rugs.

Design Carpets at the Service of Luxury Brands.

Each furniture collection expresses the brand's values and must therefore present design objects (including furniture and furnishings) with a well-defined and recognizable personality. This is why the choice of business partners is based on their ability to customize creations that will become part of the "total look" proposals of a furniture manufacturing company.

Design Rugs for Luxury Brands

 The world of design rugs is truly a realm of its own, captivating yet highly challenging due to the specificities of a business operating on an international stage and the product itself, which features technical characteristics uncommon in other furnishings. That's why an increasing number of luxury brands prefer to rely on external partners, highly specialized, to design and create the rugs in their catalog. This allows them to access expertise developed in a specific context, with years of targeted experience, resolving all technical design and production issues.

The Italian style of Platinum Custom Rugs' design rugs, always highly appreciated in international markets, is recognizable for its design exclusively created for partner companies and the excellence in craftsmanship, signifying quality control in every detail of production entrusted to selected artisans among the best in rug-making around the world.
Operationally, Platinum Custom Rugs oversees every stage of rug production on behalf of the client. The products are delivered after thorough screening by supervisors in Italy, ensuring timely delivery and agreed-upon quantities.

The journey leading to the creation of a luxury rug begins with a creative spark, which must be grounded in a feasibility context. This is where technical know-how in textile production comes into play. Only by combining various requirements (aesthetic and structural) can a result of assured quality be achieved, always satisfying the client and ensuring products perfectly align with the style of their proposal.

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