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7 Ideas for Placing Luxury Rugs to Create New Relaxation Areas at Home

Luxury rugs, once relegated to mere decorative elements, have evolved over time to become key components in creating distinct and welcoming spaces. In this context, Platinum Custom Rugs stands out as a design icon for crafting modern, artisanal rugs of great value, and most importantly, fully customizable. These rugs transcend the traditional concept of living room decoration.

Overlapping carpets, the solution you hadn't thought of

The trend of using overlapping carpets is a modern expression of creativity. Whether in neutral tones or simple geometries, the freedom of composition is maximum. It is a true art of furnishing: overlapping carpets not only add visual depth to interiors, but also allow the experimentation of new style forms - with different materials - creating a sensation of luxury and comfort. Those from the Imago collection are perfect for this purpose.

Imagine a layer of soft and welcoming carpets that blend harmoniously, outlining a dedicated relaxation area in a less frequented space of the house. This combination of soft textures and sober colors will surely provide a unique sensory experience, transforming an ordinary space into a haven of elegance.

Overlapping carpets, the solution you hadn't thought of

A Zen Oasis Among Round Carpets, Plants, and Small Tables

For those seeking a corner of tranquility in their own home, we suggest combining round carpets in calming tones with lush green plants and small tables, creating the right atmosphere of peace to detach from daily frenzies and enjoy moments of silence. With Platinum Custom Rugs, you have the possibility to customize round carpets, like those from the Orbita collection, to adapt them to the style and vision of a zen space, creating a unique environment.

Round carpets, combined with plants, will create a harmonious blend, adding a sensory and visual dimension to your home. The use of natural materials and calming colors will promote a feeling of well-being, transforming that space into a place of reflection.

Conversing on Design Carpets: A Way to Socialize

Conversing on Design Carpets: A Way to Socialize

For those who love spending informal moments with friends and family at home, here's an idea: we suggest placing large design carpets on the floor, around which you can arrange comfortable cushions for people to sit on. Sitting "on the floor", perhaps barefoot, encourages informality and a friendly atmosphere, inviting conversation while sipping an aperitif and becomes a place where everyone can gather to relax together.

Imagine an imposing carpet at the center of a living room, such as one of the design carpets models from Imago Formenuances with irregular shapes and customizable in bright colors, surrounded by a range of large cushions in matching colors: in a few simple steps, you'll have created an area that encourages people to sit down and welcomes conviviality.

Looking for Warmth? Nothing Heats Up More Than Modern Rugs in Front of a Fireplace

The fireplace, with its aura of warmth and comfort, can be further accentuated and transformed into a point of great refinement thanks to the modern rugs customized by Platinum Custom Rugs. Placing a tailor-made one in front of the hearth not only adds a touch of elegance but also creates a cozy and enveloping atmosphere that invites relaxation and rest.

This choice goes beyond mere decorative function. Consider our I Classici line: these are classic rugs with a modern soul that perfectly accompany the warm sensations experienced when illuminated by the fire of a fireplace. The combination of classic patterns and soft colors will make the surrounding area an ideal place to relax with a blanket and a good book. With Platinum Custom Rugs, the fireplace is not just a source of heat but becomes a unique moment to be experienced within one's own walls.

Yoga Zone: Luxury Carpets as a Personal Meditation Area

Creating a space dedicated to yoga or meditation is a loving gesture towards mental and physical well-being. And luxury carpets can be the central element of this small sanctuary of serenity, welcoming with softness and comfort.

Choose a large and luxurious carpet - check out those from the Inedita collection - and carefully place it in a quiet corner of the house. Opt for relaxing colors, such as shades of blue or green, that promote a feeling of calm and stability, and enrich the environment with scented candles and a musical background with tones of the sea or the mountains. Et voilĂ , the "sacred" space is ready to fully immerse in the present moment, away from daily bustle. Additionally, the addition of some cushions and a nature-inspired decorative detail will complete the visual harmony.

How about a Tea or Coffee Corner for a Break from Smart Working?

How about a Tea or Coffee Corner for a Break from Smart Working?

If you work from home or simply desire a daily break from household chores in a scenario of pure comfort and style, luxury modern rugs can become a key element in defining a cozy space to enjoy your well-deserved drink.

The advantage with Platinum Custom Rugs is that you can configure the rug yourself, with a first online draft, according to the available space and choosing easily washable materials, without worrying about any splashes from the coffee machine. The Atelier line, for example, offers rug design options that combine practicality and style, ensuring that the break corner is both functional and charming.

Once the rug is defined and chosen, just place it under a coffee table surrounded by comfortable chairs, adding details like elegant cups, decorative plates, and a charming teapot to complete the experience. This corner will become a small, but important personal moment of total tranquility.

Create a Reading Space with Round Rugs

There are those who dive into enchanted worlds and wouldn't give up a good read for anything. Round rugs can help define one's own "literary refuge" without having to run to the library and while staying comfortable at home.

Round rugs are an ideal choice because they perfectly circumscribe an area under an armchair or under a small bookshelf, providing a welcoming base to lean on in the company of a reading lamp. The softness and high quality of Platinum's rugs, moreover, will return a pleasant sensation underfoot as the reader begins to travel with their mind in their favorite stories.

Platinum Custom Rugs is More Than Just Furnishing

Craftsmanship, Unlimited Customization, and a Wide Selection of Luxury Rugs

What makes Platinum Custom Rugs truly unique is the ability to personalize every aspect of luxury carpets. From the dimensions to the materials, through the colors and designs, each carpet becomes a custom-made work of art for the environments. This flexibility allows for shaping interiors according to personal needs and preferences, transforming the home.

Imagine being able to choose colors that perfectly integrate with your furniture palette, or adding a personal touch through a unique design. Platinum Custom Rugs offers you the freedom to express your creativity through modern luxury carpets, transforming each room into a personalized work of art.

We like to say that Platinum Custom Rugs is an unparalleled design experience facilitator. For us, every carpet should be a narrative element that tells the story and style of the home, reflecting the personality and life of those who live in it. That's why we aim to go beyond mere furnishing, offering the opportunity to create something that is an authentic extension of the people, in full comfort, design, and value.

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