Case History


We would like to share with you three projects from Platinum Custom Rugs which we believe are important examples of rugs tailored to the needs of the client.

1_ The client needed to create 6 rugs for a house using a carved pile technique, to match the carvings of the classical furniture that adorned the bedroom areas.      
During the first meeting at the Salone del Mobile in Milan the fibres were chosen, the measurements and material types decided and colours selected.
During the follow-up contacts – by remote means as the client was in Australia – designs were developed and preliminary proposals submitted for approval via email.
Once the order had been confirmed, a 60×60 cm sample for each of the 6 rugs was created, faithful to the final look of each article, which the client was able to examine in person.
Finally, the complete rugs were put into production and were shipped within the 60 days agreed.
These classic-style rugs now furnish the interiors of a prestigious Australian residence.

2_ The client needed to create 1 rug with a modern feel that reproduced the subject and colours of a painting that decorated the living room.            
A high-definition image of the desired painting was submitted. Together with our art director the right colours were selected out of the 2100 textile bases available in our style office. 

In the following phases the design was reproduced in colour and the preliminary proposal was submitted to the client in person for approval, after which, a 60×60 cm sample was created to give an idea of the final result.
With these phases complete, the rug was put into production with the sizes requested and was duly shipped within the 45 days agreed .

3_The client with a request to create 1 circular, elegant and neutral coloured rug, with the monogrammed initials of the client and circular cornice carved into the pile, destined to be placed in the reception areas within the client’s residence.
Our designers developed a few graphic logo proposals – in capital letters, italics and unique stylised fonts – that were then evaluated by the client together with the colour details. The preliminary proposals were emailed – as the client was resident in the Middle East – and examined. Once the central monogram and decorative border was approved, the final sample was created in the selected tone. Once the OK had been received, the rug was made by hand, including the carving of the central initials into the pile, in the format and size requested. It was duly shipped within the 45 days agreed.