Technical Area


Silk is a fine protein fiber formed by silkworms as construction substance for cocoons and webs. It has been a much prized organic fiber used for weaving.
Silk rugs are an epitome of luxury. Strikingly brilliant Silk fiber provides a deluxe touch and value to the hand made rugs.
New Zealand Wool is a very fine wool and comes from New Zealand. It is considered to be the finer product of home décor in rug produce. The peculiar characteristics of the fiber give a firm finish. It has sound absorption qualities and it is a heat absorbent fiber. It is highly sug- gested for soaring traffic areas.
Bamboo Silk is a fiber that seems like silk and its peculiarity is the bamboo leaves shape. It is soft and cool to the touch.
Although not as delicate as traditional silk, Bamboo Silk fibers are too delicate to support heavy foot traffic.
Plant Silk, more commonly known as Viscose, is a natural fiber derived from cellulose and It has a silk-like aesthetic.
The rugs made by pure Plant Silk have a lovely sheen and depending on how the light hits the surface, the colour of the rug appears to change. It is soft to the touch.
Linen yarn is a yarn made from flax. Linen rugs are lustrous and can help absorb humidity. It needs lot of tasks and efforts to manufacture it.
Rugs made of linen are valued for their excep- tional coolness and freshness in hot weather.
Used extensively since the 1990s, this plant fibre is produced from cellulose. Strong and breathable, it is used very frequently in both furniture and clothing.
Soft to the touch, with a very fluid draping and a glossy, silky appearance. It is both recyclable and biodegradable, making it a “green” choice.


The construction technique has been handed down from ancient traditions, making the rug an exclusive work of craftsmanship of great value.
Each rug a unique piece as it is entirely woven by hand.
Two knotting techniques, called Nepalese and Oriental, indicate different finenesses of work.
The Nepalese knotting technique (hand-knotted), with about 60 rows per sample (23×23 cm), is ideal for simple designs.
The Oriental knotting technique (hand-knotted luxury) is finer, with 80/100 rows per sample (23×23 cm), suitable for creating very detailed nuances and designs.



A modern technique of hand-made rugs involving the use of an appropriate gun that allows the operator to insert the threads (viscose, wool, Tencel, bamboo silk fibres) on a grid base, following the desired design. The fleece is fixed with a layer of adhesive to a reinforced cotton fabric covering on the bottom of the rug.
Rugs are made with different colours and designs with clear lines, including on different levels of pile.
Our solutions:
1. Hand-tufted. Rugs weighing about 2.5 kg/m2, with simple designs with up to five colours, on one level of pile.
2. Hand-tufted luxury. Rugs weighing about 4 kg/m2 with the possibility of complex designs on several levels of pile, with no limit to the number of colours used.