Beautiful and with an Italian soul.
Our designers are inspired by Italy’s priceless artistic, musical and historical heritage, creating iconic rugs that thrill customers the world over.



The decorative elements in this collection are inspired by a classical flair.
A perfect stylistic balance frames our textile creations, precious rugs with eternal charm that enhance spaces, evoking all the power and beauty of Italian classicism.



We pay tribute to the great artists of Italian history through a stylistic search that revisits the decorations of classical iconography, respecting proportions and chromatic tastes, but with an eye to the future.
The rugs in our Opera collection bring unique value to your environment with their light patterns based on strong styles but with delicate colours.



In this harmonious collection, a well-defined chromatic scale enriches the textile vibrations created by the weave of warp and weft.
Fine natural yarns are woven on ancient looms by skilled hands that reproduce decorations as unique and airy as the timeless melodies of the Italian Opera.