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Passion and experience have led us to appreciate those manufactured products that have been part of our cultural heritage for centuries and to interpret this tradition with unique designs.        
We have 50 designs created by our designers. You may choose the one you like best, rework or alter it with the colours and the qualities that are dictated by your taste.
Platinum Custom Rugs is ready to serve your style.


Make an appointment with our art director and we will place our creative showroom at your service, for the creation of the rug that encapsulates your concept.          
The whole process is monitored step by step: from the graphics to the final result.
Platinum Custom Rugs.


Step into our world and we will show you the quality of the fibres, workmanship of the materials, the design of the textures and the colour bases.            
Our staff is on hand, either by phone or email, to respond to all your demands.       
If you have a preference for a pattern, a design to recreate, a precise shade of colour or a material that you like, the art director will look at it and within 48 hours our style centre will send you a quote.                   
Once the project has been confirmed the design passes into the operative stage for the production of your dream rug.
Platinum Custom Rugs is always on hand to assist the client.

Luxury custom rug


Fine quality delivered quickly. Guaranteed. Creating your own custom rug begins with discovering the quality of the fibres, the materials and processes, with drawings of the textures and the colour bases.
The art director draws up a creative proposal based on an idea from the customer, a design, a weft to be reproduced or a precise colour hue. Then the style centre sends a quote within 48 hours.
The operational phase begins once the design has been confirmed, and your carpet will be produced within 45 to 60 days. It will be an original piece like no other.

For Platinum Custom Rugs, every customer is unique.


Hand knotted: The weft and the warp is hand knotted, imparting greater prestige and authenticity to the rug. Using this technique, rugs can be created in many colours with designs on one or more levels of pile.

Hand Tufted:  This is a more up-to-date method for the creation of rugs. The tufting is bound onto a reinforced fabric that coats the rug base. Using this technique, rugs can be created in many colours with designs on one or more levels of pile.

custom carpets




Warm or cold colours? The choice is yours.
Platinum Custom Rugs offers an almost infinite choice of colour shades and combinations.

design custom rug


  • Our designers develop the design that reflects all the requirements.
  • Th design may be derived from an idea you propose or from a pre-existing woven pattern.
  • The designers will create a graphic proposal to give an idea of what the final rug will look like.
  • Then the references for colour, size, weight, pile depth, material and workmanship will follow.
  • Each element can be altered, to completely satisfy the client’s taste and imagination.

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