ATELIER House&Contract


A rug, the result of the creativity and know-how of Platinum Custom Rugs, for those looking for a unique, but at the same time not demanding piece, and for those who want to change often face to living spaces, always keeping up with the trends of interior design.
Atelier is the new line of Platinum Custom Rugs, made of chenille and woven with mechanical loom, on exclusive design.
A unique rug, keeping up with trends.


1. Briefing to define the customer’s style
2. Customising the selected design or creating a new design
3. Sample production with evaluation and choice of the customer
4. Confirmation
5.  Production


Technical data ATELIER

  • SIZE : Minimum 4 (Maximum height 2 mt by any size length)
  • WEAVING : Jacquard Loom
  • YARN : Chenille of polyester - 25% Cotton
  • COLOURS: Maximum 5 colours
  • WEIGHT/SQ M: 1700 gr/
  • WASH : Dry wash
  • CERTIFICATION : Fire resistance and Azo Free
  • DELIVERY TIME: 3 / 4 weeks from the confirmation of the order
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Create your own custom project to create a unique rug in a few simple steps:

. hoose from the 30 available designs, creative ideas proposed by us starting from the current interior design trends.
indicate your palette of 5 colours that will give an unmistakable tone to your rug.
let you be inspired by classic style, modern mood or industrial and vintage character.
Alternatively, propose your own authentic pattern. We will realize it with the same technical features of the ATELIER rugs.


“The keyword is personalisation.
Because the desire of each of us remains that of not being any one.”


*All Atelier rugs are made with natural and synthetic fibers. Due to the differences from yarn tones and dye baths the tone obtained may vary slightly and be different from the confirmed sample; furthermore, the colours may differ slightly from those shown.